Women's empowerment


Employability & Empowerment

The Women's Employability & Empowerment Program is a 12-week program designed to enhance women's employment skills and offer current work experience that will eventually lead to economic stability. The program consists of eight weeks in the classroom and four weeks with an employer for work experience.  

The Women's Employability & Empowerment program is offered on an annual basis, usually at the beginning of a New Year.  This program takes 12 women in one intake and provides the support needed for each participant to move forward and excel at their career.

We are always making a list of potential women candidates who will be contacted and interviewed through our screening process.

If you are interested in learning more about the Employability and Empowerment program as a potential participant, or to book this program for your organization, please complete the form below or contact us by email or phone.

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